Client Wardrobe

Our Client Wardrobe is available to make your experience even easier!

You are able to select any of the items that you desire to complete your look. We like to use neutral colours, playing with tones and textures to create continuity and beauty in your gallery. We have chosen items from mostly small Aus and NZ businesses that promote and value conscious living.

Size 0000 Newborn Beige Romper and Bonnet and Size 000 Milk White Romper

Size 0 White linen Shirt

Lace Bonnet Fits Newborn - 1 Year Old

Size 1-2 Unisex Beige Overalls and Size 0 and 2 White linen shirt. Dark Brown Hat.

Size 2-3 Unisex Chocolate Cordaroy Overalls

Size 1-2 Beige wrap dress. Also available in a size 5-7.

Size 2 Cordaroy Latte Dress

Size 3 - 4 Girls Beige long sleeve Collard shirt

3-4 Year Old White Broderie Dress

Size 3 -6 Lace Kimono

Unisex light brown hat. Dark brown also available.

Size 5-7 Chocolate Brown Knit (Worn on Size 4)

Size 5-7 Beige wrap dress (Worn on Size 4)

Size 5 Unisex Beige Knit

Size 5 Unisex Caramel Knit

Size 3-5 midi Neautral dress with pink flowers

Size 4 Dark Beige Vintage Floral dress

Size 6-7 White Midi Dress

Size Ladies 8 - 14 White Midi Dress Bump Friendly

Size 10- 14 Floral Midi Dress

Size 10-14 Beige Linen Midi Dress Bump and Breastfeeding Friendly

Size 8-12 Cream button up Maxi Dress Bump and Breastfeeding Friendly

One Size Brown Maxi dress. Bump and Breastfeeding friendly.

Size 8-14 Lace Midi Dress. Bump and Breastfeeding Friendly.

Bump Friendly Pieces

Size 10-14 White Midi Dress

One Size Brown Maxi Dress

Lace wrap dress size Fits Size 8- 12

Selecting your wardrobe

If you choose to borrow one of our Client Wardrobe pieces then please let us know so that we can place it aside for you.

All pieces are steamed and dry cleaned prior to wearing.

A portable wardrobe tent and mirror are provided for privacy on site for changing.